Working with Children


I have a deep passion for helping families with children. As a mother, I know how gut wrenching it is to see your children struggling and not know how to help them. I was not aware that grief, stress and other emotions the mother experiences during pregnancy can impact a child in utero and beyond. Just as adults are impacted by the environment around them, so too are young children, including while still in the womb. Even the most well intended healthcare professionals have limited time and capacity to identify and address the root causes of their problems. Their ability to pinpoint and work through dietary and emotional triggers cannot be easily managed in a typical 15 minute office visit.

I’ve had the honor of working with families that have had children struggling with a variety of physical and emotional challenges, including academic challenges, anxiety, attention disorders, erratic moods, lingering emotions related to adoption, physical pain and withdrawn behavior. I know that many parents are looking for options that don’t involve medicating their children. The good news is…there are other options.

Together, we will take a holistic approach toward addressing your child’s situation. We are able to tap into the body’s emotional and energy system through muscle response testing or applied kinesiology. Muscle testing is a simple, non-invasive, discomfort-free method of accessing stored memories and emotions in the body. Through muscle testing, we are able to tap into the subconscious mind to determine whether there is an emotional component to the situation. If so, we can quickly release it…all in the same session.

The concept underlying emotional release work in children is not a foreign concept—our earliest childhood healing memories are tied to our parents and their healing energy. When your child fell, your first reaction was likely to respond to their hurt and fear with your love—to “kiss it and make it all better.”  Your response was a simple, yet powerful exchange of healing energy. What if you could do even more now?

Emotional release allows us to address deeper physical and emotional injuries by replacing emotions such as grief, anger and fear with Joy, Love and Contentment. We will determine the approximate age, the emotions, and the person or thing involved in the memory. Examples of memories that arise include a child:

  • feeling grief and sadness involving a grandmother at age 1…when grandmother died
  • carrying mom’s fear at 6 months in utero…a time she recalls nearly miscarrying
  • carrying lingering fear of abandonment at age 10…after being given up for adoption as an infant
  • feeling resentment at age 3 involving a sibling…the age when his first sibling was born
  • feeling fear at age 5 related to a house…the point at which the family moved to a different home in a new neighborhood and school system

Reprogramming the “emotional software” at the subconscious level is easier than you might imagine when you can quickly isolate the memories and emotions, then leverage the profound healing power of Forgiveness and God’s love.

“Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love takes away fear.” 1 John 4:18

Older children can then be taught self-help techniques, such as “tapping” or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help them learn to process and release similar emotions on their own the next time an emotional trigger is encountered. They will also learn the importance of self-talk and how to adjust their internal dialog to be more compassionate and encouraging to themselves.

Once any emotional work has been completed, we can assess whether dietary and other environmental factors are contributing to your child’s inability to achieve the physical and emotional wellbeing desired. Together, we will design an efficient approach to addressing any contributing factors.

Frequently Asked Questions for Working with Children

Will my child be directly involved in the session?
Depending on the child’s age and the area of focus, your child may be involved in the entire session. One benefit of having children directly involved in the entire session is that they become stronger at identifying and naming the emotions they are feeling. In addition, it opens the channel of communication between the children and their parents to facilitate open, ongoing discussions.

Alternatively, sessions for children have been done without the direct involvement of the child. In either case, the technique is equally effective in identifying and releasing the emotional blocks.


Can emotional release be applied to children who are not verbal?
Absolutely. Emotional release work can be used effectively with newborns, toddlers, and older children who have yet to develop language skills. Using input from the parent(s), we are able to determine the context around the events that triggered the line of thinking that is contributing to the current situation. A parent is then able to act as a surrogate for the child throughout the process.

Can emotional release be used on infants that cannot be directly muscle tested?
Yes. Depending on the age of the child, it may be best to allow a parent to act as a surrogate for the muscle testing of the child. In addition, emotional release work can be done remotely over the phone with the practitioner using an alternative form of muscle testing. These approaches are equally effective to direct muscle testing on the child.

Client Praise…

It sounds implausible – fix my child’s emotional and behavioral issues, remotely through me, using magnets, with an unfamiliar method called EPT – yet, this not only worked, it exceeded my expectations.”
Lori — Zionsville, IN

We are so relieved to have our son back to his normal self.”
Ryan — Indianapolis, IN

“Over the days and weeks following, you could see the joy and confidence return to her being. Her equestrian coach (without knowing what happened) even commented on how ‘different’ she was acting. Emotional release transcended math — as it repaired and restored her ability to function successfully in her daily life.”
Michelle — Worcester, PA

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