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“You can’t separate thoughts and beliefs from your body. What you think and what you believe, literally change your body chemistry.” – Bernie Siegel, M.D.

Are you ready to feel lighter and brighter?

Have you ever:

  • felt butterflies in your stomach
  • experienced tightness in your chest in a stressful situation
  • found it difficult to give up cheese (even though you are intolerant) because of your fond childhood memories of pizza night with your parents
  • lost your desire for the food you’d eaten the day you got the stomach flu…even though you knew that food was not the cause of your illness?curve_road

If so, you have discovered the special relationship that exists between your brain and your gut—often referred to as your “second brain”.

If you’ve been unable to achieve your goals despite your best efforts, you could be overlooking an important mind-body connection that holds the key to your progress. As you begin to pay attention to these connections, you will see the vast number of relationships that exist between your mind and your physical body.

On this journey, we will work together to determine whether limiting beliefs, life experiences, or past associations are standing in your way of achieving your goals. If so, during your Emotional Transformation we will work to quickly clear them–opening the path for a rewarding journey to better health and happiness.

healthy_cookingCould food science be what’s been standing in your way? You’ll learn how food scientists have strategically crafted today’s foods to contain the ideal combination of sugar, fat and salt to activate our “bliss point”—causing us to overeat and keep coming back for more. You’ll finally be able to stop blaming yourself for lack of willpower and discipline. Instead, you’ll gain valuable knowledge to help you regain your personal power.

Along the way, you will learn efficient and achievable ways to introduce healthier foods that nourish your body and allow it to heal itself. The focus is on simple, manageable ways to adjust what you currently do, so your Health Transformation is sustainable, as well as enjoyable.