Results with Children

“I feel a thousand pounds lighter.” — Statement from an 11 year old boy upon standing up after his initial session

From imploding and exploding to upbeat and expressive

“It sounds implausible – fix my child’s emotional and behavioral issues, remotely through me, using magnets, with an unfamiliar method called Emotional Release – yet, this not only worked, it exceeded my expectations. My child had been alternating between imploding (muteness, ignoring others, grunting instead of talking) and exploding (thrown items, outbursts) and I didn’t know how to help or break through the defensive armor my child was hiding behind. I put faith in the emotional release process and trust in Heidi to lead me through it. The results have been amazing and my child is now thriving.

I credit it all to Heidi’s gentle questions, her ability to make connections, and insightful dialogue which allowed us to quickly uncover all of the issues, going way beyond the first one we landed on. In only two sessions, Heidi was able to successfully rewire my child’s negative thought patterns and replace them with positive, constructive ones. Within a few days of the session, I began to notice subtle, then dramatic changes. Now, my child is upbeat, talkative, and expressive!

It has been life-altering to my family. I no longer have to be apprehensive about what sour mood my child would be in; I see only a light-hearted and lively youth. This transformation has had long-lasting benefits in school, at home and to the whole family. I am so thrilled at the results. I am also relieved that I did not have to resort to medication or lengthy therapy for my child. I would not hesitate to work again with Heidi for myself or anyone I care about. I have heartfelt gratitude for Heidi and the work she does. She has a gift and a fierce passion for helping others.”
Lori — Indiana

Healing emotions from adoption

“First of all, God works in mysterious ways and He has a plan for everything! Heidi and I used to work together, and after leaving Lilly, we stayed connected through Facebook. We decided to meet for lunch one day and I was sharing with her that our daughter, who was adopted internationally, was going though a rough time in dealing with her adoption – typical for the teen years. She shared with me the energy work she does and thought it would be good for her. After taking her and witnessing it for myself, I can say that it truly works! She connected right away with Heidi and was amazed at what Heidi did – even telling Heidi that she should be on TV! Our daughter has been much happier; like a weight has been lifted! It’s comforting to know that our daughter can call Heidi anytime if she is feeling sad or frustrated and Heidi can even help her over the phone.

What’s been most noticeable in the months that followed the energy work is the absence of all the anger she felt towards her birth mother. In the past, that anger would come out in hurt ways, even directed at us. Now, all that anger is gone. When she mentions her birth mother, there’s no anger and we aren’t seeing the outbursts that she was struggling with previously.”
Amy Cherry — 

Adoption and Anger

“Heidi was and is an answer to my prayers. I cannot recommend her enough! I called her in desperation because my 9-year old son (who happens to be adopted at birth) had me at my wits end. She immediately set up a phone session and she did emotional and energy work over the phone as a surrogate. My son was not even at home. We spent over an hour going through his life and any emotional baggage that he had encountered along the way. She cut the chains and prayed with me through the process.

It was hard and emotional for me and when my son returned home we had a very emotional breakdown. Heidi was there to walk me through every step! It has now been over 2 weeks and my son is a changed person and our family is no longer living in fear or walking on eggshells trying to avoid a meltdown or tantrum.

We went from having emotional and violent outbursts and tantrums DAILY, to having NONE over that last 2 weeks. Heidi is knowledgeable, compassionate and gifted in what she does. I cannot explain everything, but I do believe that what she does works! She is a truly amazing person and a gift to me and my family!”
Stacie Fowler — Indiana


Adoption and Missed Milestones

It has been a night and day difference for our son since his first emotional release session. He is almost three-years-old and was exclusively tube fed — he didn’t eat on his own at all. If we tried to give him more than 2 oz of food at a time, he would throw up. We were literally feeding him 2 oz every 30 minutes. He showed no desire to eat himself. If we tried, he would pocket the food and spit it out.

He was adopted and we knew there were likely emotional factors impacting this development. I hoped that a clearing session would help with eating. I was stunned with the immediate turn around!

The very day after his first clearing session, he started reaching for food and putting it in his mouth! He wasn’t even directly involved in the session. We decided it was best for me to serve as surrogate for him, so we could work on things related to his biological family without having him there to hear it.

He’s now chewing and swallowing on his own. We weren’t even sure he had the ability to swallow. He is also expressing preferences for foods, something he never did before. His occupational and speech therapists are just blown away by his progress and they have no idea what prompted the turn around in him.

The changes in our son go beyond just eating. He’s really coming out of his shell and expressing his opinion now. He is now showing us that he is aware of what is happening and what we will be doing that day. He’s just overall more aware and engaged in his life.

It’s like a weight has been lifted off him and he’s a much happier kid now. We are so excited to do more emotional release work and see what more he can achieve.

I jokingly told Heidi I stalked her online for a long time before I finally reached out. If you have been tempted to try emotional release work with Heidi, don’t hesitate. It has been such a blessing for our family and I’m excited to see what else is in store for us as we do more sessions.”
Kara Wilson — Indiana

Addressing sudden onset anxiety

“Heidi is INCREDIBLE! My 8 year old daughter woke up one day with severe anxiety in October. Prior to this day she had never experienced any anxiety whatsoever. A friend quickly suggested I contact Heidi Straub and when I hesitated she actually contacted me. Heidi did some energy work on my daughter (from a distance and without ever seeing her) and my daughters anxiety lifted almost IMMEDIATELY. It was incredible!

I’ve also been experiencing postpartum anxiety and panic attacks and Heidi has helped me work through so many mental blocks and she’s done energy work on me as well. She is thorough, compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable on a variety of topics– she even chased me down when I was too depressed and anxious to reach out to her for help. She never gave up — even when I was impossible to get a hold of as I tried to stay afloat through the depression and anxiety that I was experiencing. She’s not limited to energy healing either — nutrition, talk support, emotional freedom technique and more all seem to be within her niche!

I absolutely love Heidi and will be a client for LIFE! Thank you so much for being a part of the team that helped me get my life back and for helping my daughter, Heidi! You have been an absolute gift from God 
Kari Bundy — Indiana


The power of helping your child find his/her power

“For my daughter, at the age of 8, what should have been a joyful and worry-free school year became her worst nightmare. At first we thought math was her only “real” issue, what we found went way past learning. My daughter had struggled in math, would periodically get better and then fail again. This was a continuing cycle, which perplexed us as we enabled her with extra help and tutoring.

Upon talking casually to Heidi about this she keenly and quickly picked up on something much bigger that I had never considered. That my daughter’s “math” issue was beyond fractions and calculations—it was rooted in the emotional.

Together, using emotional release work, we uncovered several things, including her heart’s desire to please others and make them happy, hopelessness and feeling “small”, coupled with extreme vulnerability.

The big question was why these emotions and where were they coming from?
Heidi with much precision tracked these emotions back to her birth mother and also to her current third grade teacher. After some lengthy discussions I had with my daughter, I uncovered that her teacher was verbally bullying her and making her feel bad about herself. What is important to note here is the school reacted and corrected the situation—but what they couldn’t do was give my daughter back her inner power.

Through Heidi, we worked to reset and ground my daughter. I was the surrogate for all the emotional work that needed to be done. My daughter was never aware that I was working with Heidi to repair her heart’s desire. What is amazing is how simply we were able to restore joy, happiness and confidence back to this beautiful girl!

Over the days and weeks following, you could see the joy and confidence return to her being. Her equestrian coach (without knowing what happened) even commented on how ‘different’ she was acting. Emotional release work transcended math — as it repaired and restored her ability to function successfully in her daily life.”
Michelle — Pennsylvania


Relief from acid reflux for an infant:

“One day out of the blue, my 1-month old son started vomiting after each feeding. Being exclusively breastfed, I couldn’t understand what was making his stomach hurt so badly, and why he was spitting up and vomiting after every meal. I tried cutting dairy and gluten from my diet and eating the most nutritious foods I could, but it didn’t help. We’ve had success with chiropractic care for issues in the past, but even adjustments didn’t have an impact on the vomiting.

I was getting to the point of total exhaustion and was starting to become overwhelmed and depressed. I was so tired of the constant worry of when he would throw up next, and couldn’t leave the house. I also have a two-year old that I was trying to chase around while constantly being thrown up on.

Heidi identified the emotional blockages that were making my son sick. She then did Quantum Touch on him distantly. My son is now 5 months and has been a happy baby ever since I made that call to Heidi. Even my skeptical husband conceded that he had no other explanation for why the vomiting disappeared after that appointment.

Heidi has saved my sanity countless times. Give her a call, or see her in person. You will be wondering why you didn’t contact her sooner!”


Engaging a defiant and withdrawn child

We are so relieved to have our son back to his normal self. Around age 11, our previously fun-loving, level-headed son began to change before our eyes. It started with rebellion towards school work. Then he developed an intense interest in dark and scary books, shows and music. Most concerning was how withdrawn and detached he became from our family. We could see his internal anger building up, but he wouldn’t talk about it. He was becoming increasingly angry, defensive and depressed. He never wanted to talk about what was bothering him; he always said he didn’t even know what it was. The more fun and light-hearted we tried to be around him, the more distant and resentful he acted. This was so out of character for him.

During my own session with Heidi, I briefly mentioned that I was concerned about my 13 year old son. Heidi picked up on something with him that really hit home, even though she had never met him. After discussing it with my wife, we agreed to have Heidi do remote work on our son.

Literally within one week, his behavior changed dramatically. He did what we asked him to do without a fight. When corrected for something, he would quickly apologize. He even started apologizing to his brother! He was no longer confrontational with school work. He regained his sense of humor and once again enjoyed having a good time with us. In fact, he even began hugging us again, sometimes being the one to initiate the hugs. In short, his negative attitude had lifted.

Looking back, it was like a heavy blanket was lifted off of him, allowing him to finally reemerge. We even noticed that he walked lighter and stood taller.

We had tried everything we knew to do in an effort to reach him, yet it seemed to push him farther away. Since he was so defiant, it was a relief to find a solution that didn’t require his direct involvement. We are so grateful that there was a means of releasing him from what had a hold on him. My wife and I are grateful for this turn-around that Heidi helped make possible for our son!”
Ryan — Indiana


Relief from acid reflux and constipation

“Enzyme supplementation brought my premie, tube-fed son overnight relief! My son was born at 23 weeks and has faced many complications in his 22 months of life. For 13 of the 16 months since coming home, he struggled with projectile vomiting and/or chronic constipation.

A fellow tubie-mom that has been through a lot of similar situations talked with me about digestive enzymes and how they were a game changer for her son. I was very intrigued by the details that she had given me, so she referred me to Heidi.

Heidi helped us figure out the right enzyme and he has been on them for a few months. We literally saw an OVERNIGHT change in our son!!!

He has went from projectile vomiting at least 3 times a day and going to the hospital at least once a week due to no bowel movements, to NEVER throwing up and having healthy bowel movements!

His therapists were skeptical when we said we were trying this approach, but they’ve been amazed by the changes in him. He’s even starting to put on weight now. These enzymes have REALLY been a life changer!”
Sarah Schrelick Indiana