Free, online preview of the documentary e-motion.

e-motion documentary

e-motion: Lose what needs to be lost to find what needs to be found
Watch this free, online preview of the documentary e-motion to learn how trapped emotions and unprocessed life experiences are stored at the cellular level in our bodies and contribute to physical and emotional illnesses. This documentary sets the stage for understanding the powerful mind-body connection and your ability to heal yourself by releasing these emotions.
(Run time: 25 minutes)


The TEDTalk sessions below contain inspiring messages to encourage you on Your Transformation Journey.


Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

Brené Brown, Ph.D.
Brené Brown is an example of living authentically, speaking courageously, and inspiring others to accept themselves as perfectly imperfect. Her talk on shame and vulnerability will speak to your heart and help move you to self-acceptance.
(Run time: 20 minutes)


cuddyAmy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Amy Cuddy. Ph.D.
Can your body language impact how others view you and even change your body chemistry? Includes a 2 minutes exercise that improves your testosterone and cortisol levels, as well as the perception others have of your confidence.
(Run time: 21 minutes)


Sara-Lazar-PhD-220x220Sara Lazar: How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains

Sara Lazar, Ph.D.
View brain scans illustrating how the practice of meditation—even by beginners—can literally change our brains.
(Run time: 8 minutes)



peekePam Peeke: Hooked, Hacked, Hijacked: Reclaim Your Brain from Addictive Living

Pam Peeke, M.D.
It takes more than willpower to overcome food science’s ability to manipulate our brain.
(Run time: 14 minutes)



Emotional Transformation Resources

The Shift (DVD)
The Shift speaks to my heart and soul each time I watch it. It explains why we find ourselves shifting from a life of ambition to a life of meaning, while inspiring us to embrace, rather than resist the evolution.

The Tapping Solution (DVD)
A comfortable introduction to learning the self-help technique “tapping” as you watch participants apply it to a variety of physical and emotional problems in their lives.

The Secret (DVD)
Hear from a number of well-known authors and speakers how the power of your thoughts literally create your future. Inspiration to release limiting beliefs and embrace what you want in life.

You Can Heal Your Life, The Movie (DVD)
Inspiring video by Louise Hay explaining how our thoughts create our future, and reinforcing why it is so important to change the tapes we have been playing in our heads.

Heal Your Body A-Z (Book)
Contains an insightful table developed by author Louise Hay linking a wide range of physical symptoms to the associated thought patterns. It also provides positive affirmations to help you begin to replace your unproductive thoughts with ones to help you heal and prosper.

Spontaneous Happiness (Book)
Dr. Andrew Weill brings a fresh perspective to achieving happiness. Learn about emotional contagion and the begin to understand why certain people always seem to drain your energy. Practice breathing techniques to help you calm the mind and the body.


Health Transformation Resources

Eat to Live (Book)
The book that sparked my interest in health and nutrition. Dr. Joel Fuhrman provides a well-researched and compelling case for selecting foods that provide the most nutrients per calorie. You’ll learn you don’t have to give anything up completely by employing the 90/10 rule.

Clean (Book)
The clearest and most compelling explanation I’ve found on why one should undertake a cleanse. I now understand how my body reacts to toxins of all types, not just those found in foods.

Genetic Roulette (DVD)
An eye-opening, must-watch documentary that explains genetically modified foods (GMOs) and shows the relationship between their quiet introduction into our food supply and the rise in a number of now-common illnesses.

Forks Over Knives (DVD)
Provides an overview of the result of The China Study, showing the relationship between the consumption of animal products and various diseases.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (DVD)
Despite the name, this is a surprisingly uplifting and motivating documentary that goes beyond one man’s journey to regain his health when modern medicine was unable to find a solution. In a light-hearted manner, it also provides important foundational knowledge about foods and their impact on our bodies.

Fresh (DVD)
An upbeat documentary showing that food can still be raised safely and sustainably. If you couldn’t get through Food, Inc., give Fresh a try. Fresh highlights our current success stories and helps transform the way you think about what you put on your table.



Vitamix (on Amazon)
Hands-down the most frequently used appliance in my kitchen. Even my husband agreed after 6 months that we have already gotten our money’s worth. It’s done more than blend for our family, it’s helped us adopt an entirely new life-style.

Reusable Silicone Straws
Because I care about the environment, I quickly adopted the use of reusable straws. These silicone straws by GreenPaxx are wider than most, making them perfect for sipping your smoothies. Importantly, they come apart and pop right into the dishwasher, making clean up a breeze.

Universal Silicone Lids
These lids work perfectly with the GreenPaxx silicone straws. They fit tightly on both 16 ounce pilsner glasses as well as 21 ounce working glasses. The pair make drinking your breakfast on the run worry free.