For testimonials from parents on working with their children, see Results with Children.

Anxiety, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Nightmares

“Two months ago, I went in to see Heidi for Rapid Resolution Therapy. I had been suffering with symptoms of PTSD and Fibromyalgia for over 20 years. The pain in my muscles was severe and the anxiety/panic was causing me to feel physically ill.

I have been on many different medications over the last 10 years. Many of those made me nauseous and fatigued. One even gave me suicidal thoughts. All of which have made my energy levels lower than normal and caused weight gain. I have gotten relief at times, but always short-term.

After one session of RRT, I felt like someone had lifted a 50lb weight from my shoulders. My mind felt clear and my stomach no longer had butterflies. During the session, I felt a tingling sensation in my limbs and the pain melted away like hot butter.

As I write this two months later, I still don’t have sharp pain in my muscles and that has not been the case for years! There have been a few times I felt a dull ache coming on, but I used my “tools” that Heidi gave me, and it went away immediately. I am now able to talk about events from my past that I have carried a tremendous amount of guilt and shame without negative emotions attached to those events. I’ve not had any nightmares or woke in a panic since the session!

I am beyond grateful for the work that Heidi is doing and will highly recommend anyone struggling with Fibromyalgia or PTSD give RRT a try. She has a God given ability to hear and speak into a life and explain the way the mind and body are connected and how we process and store information.”
Diane G. — Indiana



“After childhood sexual abuse, a traumatic college experience, 3 beautiful boys in 4 years, and the murder of my father-in-law, I was done.

I had nothing to give. And while I had experienced much healing through traditional counseling and story workshops, my body screamed in pain that my underlying soul and unconsciousness was anything but whole.

In August 2019, my body literally started to shut down and tell me that something was not right. Pain seared through my body. At age 30, it got so bad I could barely walk, much less get out of bed.

That’s when I started down the road of working to find relief. January was the first mention of “fibromyalgia.” I took medicines that I had allergic reactions to. I took out gluten, which seemed to help somewhat, but never stopped the pain completely.

Everyone I talked to about my pain always mentioned how I needed to be patient and accept the long road ahead- years to get a diagnosis and decades of just managing the pain and symptoms. I couldn’t believe that this was my fate – that my children would grow up remembering their mother as ill and my husband being a caregiver.

In the midst of western medicine testing, I reached out to Heidi and it was a breath of fresh air. She answered my questions with confidence, something that no one else could do. It still took me a bit to say yes, but by July 2020, I was ready to give it a shot.

I couldn’t describe to you all that happened in those 2 hours of RRT with Heidi, but I can tell you that I left her office more whole and free than I had felt in years. It wasn’t this dramatic experience, but a quiet shift that has changed everything.

I have been pain free for 4 months now. I stopped all of my testing and procedures. (What a relief to not deal with those medical expenses!) My husband and boys have their mama back. I can exercise when I want to, not because my body screams in anxiety that it needs the endorphin release. Experiences that used to stress me and hold me captive just don’t anymore. I told one person, “I haven’t felt this good in over 8 years.”

I am so thankful for the work of Heidi. I count it a blessing that I found her when I did and was spared a long road of pain and difficulty. I can’t recommend connecting with Heidi enough!”
Joanna S. Indiana


Anxiety and Self-Doubt

“Heidi is amazing! I found her at a crossroads in my life where I really needed to figure out a clear path forward. I decided to do an RRT session with Heidi to help me, the shift was immediate and profound! All of the anxiety, self doubt and crippling fear that I had been experiencing completely melted away.  I was able to finally gain clarity in 1 session with her – I’m now feeling excited, peaceful and 100% confident to move forward in the best direction for me. Heidi is a very knowledgeable and skilled professional, I would highly recommend seeing her if you’re struggling in any area. Thank you Heidi!”
Zoie — Canada


Anxious Thoughts

“After years of struggling with specific fears and anxiety, I can say I have tried it all, from therapy, to acupuncture, to journaling, to meditating. You name it, I’ve tried it. I always felt different and that my anxiety was “unfixable.”

After my session with Heidi, I was blown away. I have never experienced anything like it.

The way she approaches the mind and our thought patterns is unique and it works.

I left my session feeling empowered and I now have tangible strategies to use everyday, in any situation to take control of my anxiety.

Heidi made me feel seen and heard for the first time, ever. I can’t wait to see her again.”
Lindsey H. — Indianapolis




“I was a bit skeptical that Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) would work for me, as I don’t have a particular traumatic event in my past, but the end result was (and is) incredible. I’d struggled with depression for about 15 years, going to countless therapy sessions that seemed to help a little for a short amount of time, but never really got me “out” of the depression for long. I had tried every type of therapy and program out there. I was beginning to lose hope that I’d ever feel better. Then, serendipitously, in the span of a few days several people recommended I see Heidi, so I did and it’s been one of the best decisions of my life.

Since the RRT session, my mood is lighter and simply happier, which I began to doubt would be possible. I first noticed it when, following the session, I had had 3 “good” days in a row, which my wife noted that such a thing had not happened in a very long time. Amazingly, the results have stayed. My mood is lighter, I’m happier, more present with my children and family. After 15 years of depression, I’m simply in awe how well RRT worked for me. For the past several weeks since my session, my life has changed.

I truly believe God put Heidi and RRT in my life as an answer to prayer. Thank you so very much!”
JK S. — Indiana


Bitterness and Co-dependency

“First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to my lovely wife for suggesting that I work with Heidi to resolve some issues that were quite negatively affecting my life. Now, post RRT, I can definitely say I was deeply affected by trauma, and would confidently say that I had not lived as an adult without the effects present.

My name is Dave, and I would like to share my perspective of the before and after an RRT session. Before RRT with Heidi, I struggled with bitterness, resentment, feeling taken advantage of, and codependency in all my relationships. This obviously caused major problems for me, especially and most alarmingly in my marriage. I tried marriage counseling, talk therapy, researching good habits and trying to learn about the problems in order to resolve it. Nothing seemed to work. The talk therapy would always help me feel better temporarily, but never really addressed or changed anything within.

The rest of the “before” was something I wasn’t even aware of until I got to the “after”. The amount of emotion I wasn’t feeling, the amount of weight I was carrying constantly, and the sharpness and skepticism in my responses on a daily basis. These were all rooted in trauma, and I held these as parts of myself, part of who I was. Now, I know that to be untrue.

Heidi was extremely easy to work with and put me at ease about everything. My appointment began at 9am and 2 hours later, I was a new man! I walked out of there feeling like I was flying. Everything that had built up over my lifetime was lifted off my shoulders. I gained a huge sense of relief, along with peace, joy, sensitivity, love, and empathy. The numbness inside that I wasn’t even aware of was replaced by deep feelings and a vibrational high that was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

My wife said I was a whole new man. Three days after my session was the first time walking into work and a friend of mine noticed before I even spoke. He asked me what the heck happened and how I could walk into work so happy on a Monday morning.

Simple. Without the weight of trauma, I am happy.

With a new perspective of my own life, as well as a new respect for the struggles and issues faced by others, I am more understanding. Without the shame and feelings of unworthiness, I am lighter.

This session not only resolved past trauma, but also gave me mental tools to process any future trauma differently. I can not express what a game changer this has been for me! I highly recommend everyone seek this type of healing. I believe there is no one who remains free from trauma and think this would be beneficial to everyone.”
Dave V. Indiana


Sleep Quality

“Working with Heidi literally changed my life. When I reached out to her, I was exhausted and sleep deprived. I hadn’t slept well since age 12. I was waking an average of 20 times a night and could barely function. Rather than enjoying my toddler, I would lie on the floor desperate for sleep. I’d been to doctors and specialists, and tried every drug available, yet nothing changed the way I slept.

After just one emotional release session with Heidi, my sleep improved dramatically and I feel like I’m finally living my life. It’s amazing to have the energy to get through the day and keep up with my active toddler. I’m an overall more positive and pleasant person now that I’m rested.

Heidi genuinely cares about her clients and wants to help them in any way she can. She followed up numerous times to check in with me. She shared other helpful information that sparked my interest in improving my diet and taking better care of myself overall. I’m grateful to be on this journey and to finally have the energy and clarity to do those things now.”
Risa P. Indiana


Anxiety, PTSD, Sexual Abuse, Guilt, Nightmares

“When I reached out to Heidi, I was in the throes of PTSD resulting from two sexual assaults and the lingering impact of an abusive marriage. On a daily basis, I was struggling with anxiety, including flashbacks and intense nightmares. I was full of anger and rage, responding to life’s events with irrational reactions. I didn’t like the way I was behaving as a mother or a girlfriend.

I’d been carrying debilitating guilt since I was sexually assaulted at age 18. Like many women, I had convinced myself it was my fault.

Then I found myself facing domestic violence where those who knew about it threatened to harm me if I spoke up.


After escaping that situation, I was sexual assaulted in my own home. Although I pressed charged and testified in front of a jury, he was able to walk away. The entire legal process created deeper trauma and resulted in a lot of anger and distrust in the system.

Talk therapy never helped. Instead, I felt like I kept having to relive it over and over again.

I was tired of feeling so out of control. I was tired of allowing the events of my past to dictate my future. I was simply exhausted.

I reached out for help and found Heidi. We did a Rapid Resolution Therapy and everything shifted.

The work with Heidi was totally different. I didn’t have to talk about it. I didn’t relive it. It didn’t cause more trauma. I was just free.

I went from nightmares to laughing so hard in my dreams that I woke myself up. From raging mom to calm and flexible. From feeling I was all on my own to being able to ask for help when overwhelmed. From catastrophic feelings after being triggered to being able to handle it.

The Rapid Resolution Therapy session took away the power the past events have had on my everyday life. I didn’t forget what happened to me, but it changed the way I think about it and react to it.

Those events no longer have power over how I live my life. I’ve taken that power back. I now have a say in how things effect my thinking, actions and reactions.

The work I did with Heidi has been truly life altering.”
Saga T. — Indiana


PTSD, Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking

“My husband was suffering crippling PTSD from being trafficked as a child sex slave. He had fully blocked recall of his childhood until the memories returned. Then he began to experience his childhood again through near-constant flash backs that for him were just like the first time. He could hear it. He could see it. He could feel it. He was there.

At that point, his career in ministry and our family began to fall apart. Seeing him relive those experiences was also causing trauma for me and, heartbreakingly, our children. We had seemingly lost our whole life.

He saw every kind of counselor, psychologist and psychiatrist and had numerous stays in mental health facilities. He tried EMDR and a variety of medications. Nothing helped.

Then, divine intervention brought Heidi into our lives and I thank God for it! Our lives literally started changing when we allowed Heidi to help us. Working with her has 100% changed our lives and has been the single most life changing part of our healing journey.

I have never experienced such spiritual healing as with Heidi. Importantly, our time with her has been a journey free of further trauma. Unlike other approaches he tried, when working with Heidi, he never had to speak of the abuse or re-experience it to heal and move forward. It was safe.

My husband has returned to the ministry, a career he believed would never again be possible. He is mostly functional now, and the periods of PTSD are shorter and less severe. We have both learned tools to help us achieve higher energies and greater spiritual awareness — tools we will use to help others facing a similar challenge in recovery.

We went from hopeless to being ready to fulfill our greater purpose in this life all while embracing joy and peace and hope.”
Kelly S. — Florida


Addiction, Anxiety and Depression

I had been sober for about six years before I relapsed. Although an addiction program and a rehabilitation center had helped, neither had addressed the “why” behind my drinking. Although I’d stopped drinking again, I was suffering from anxiety and depression and was still battling the urge to drink. I had gotten Heidi’s number from a friend and decided to give her a call to see if she could help.

At my initial session with her, Heidi was able to pinpoint emotions that I had from childhood that I had not dealt with, thus causing the inability to give, feel, or love to the fullest. Those unprocessed emotions caused depression, isolation, and numbness that had led me to start drinking again. 

After just one session with Heidi, I felt like a new person. It was like a weight had been lifted off my chest. My husband even observed that I could not stop smiling, and that I was glowing. He had not seen that side of me for quite some time.

The impact has continued over the weeks since our first session. I’ve not felt the urge to drink and, most importantly, I consistently feel happy.

I share my story to give hope to others who are battling addiction and not finding relief from others types of recovery efforts.

I am thankful Heidi has been able to help me and I am excited to continue this holistic  transformation journey with her.”
April R. Indiana


Struggling in General

“Heidi is amazing. I walked in her office in a really terrible place. I was no where near functional in my everyday life. She changed everything for me and I can never express the gratitude I feel. I have been putting this review off because I wanted to find the perfect words for what she has done for me, but I can’t.

All I can say is if you are struggling she can help. Like REALLY help. Making that appointment was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself!

Looking back at where I was I feel comfortable saying that it possibly saved my life! I can never repay her for what she gave back to my life. Thank you.”
Vivian B. — Indiana


Birth Trauma

“Heidi Straub saved my pregnancy. I was in a very dark place during my second pregnancy. I didn’t want to be pregnant and I didn’t want another baby, most likely due to the trauma and PTSD from my first childbirth experience. I was nearing the end of the pregnancy and I didn’t want my baby to be born to a mother who didn’t want him. There was no time for traditional therapy, which I didn’t have great success with in the past, anyway. I went in to my first session with Heidi desperate, hopeful but skeptical. She helped me find a link between all of my emotional traumas and released them. She was able to remove the block I had regarding my baby. I left the session being able to smile again. I was able to be joyful at my baby shower the next day, which I had dreaded just a day before. I am grateful to Heidi that I could enjoy and celebrate the last few weeks of my pregnancy and not only be ready for his arrival, but be excited for it. His birth was loving, peaceful and everything I could have hoped for. My husband noticed a profound change in me, literally overnight; a change that has lasted. I also noticed a lot of my physical pains were relieved or totally gone. Heidi was a godsend in my life, right when I needed her the most. I’m so grateful for her ability.”
Beth E. — Indiana

“I saw Heidi for help getting past the traumatic birth of my son. After one session of RRT my whole outlook on his birth had changed. I no longer think about the day he was born and feel fear, anxiety, anger and sick to my stomach. Before I saw Heidi I had a lot of anxiety about my next birth. After walking out of her office I feel so positive and excited for my next birth! Heidi has a true gift for what she does and she TRULY cares! She will change your whole outlook on life for the better!”
Leah C. — Indiana

Anger and Despair

“I reached out to Heidi to ask for help with these feelings of intense, terrible anger and total despair, I didn’t know what to do. Due to a number of life challenges, I found myself feeling desperate. My life was feeling unsettled without any resolution or strategy for moving forward.

I don’t know how it happened, but in a single phone conversation with Heidi, everything shifted. It’s amazing.

As strange as it sounds, my perception of the room was immediately different. I was keenly aware of the chair under my body. I noticed pictures on the wall that weren’t hanging straight.. It was like being in that room for the first time.

I was then present and calm. There aren’t words to explain it.

In the days that followed I noticed an increasing number ways in which my pace for life was now more metered – from driving to my conversations with others, family.

I am now better able to handle conflict and disagreements. Importantly, I’m being kinder to myself in my thoughts.

I’m deeply gratitude for Heidi’s willingness to hold space for me and to allow the Lord to move in. I’m incredibly grateful for the ability to clear away these past experience so I can now move forward.”
Christina M. — Ohio


Anxiety, Depression, Despair, Breast Implant Illness

“Three months after my breast implants were removed, I was feeling somewhat better physically, but still struggling emotionally. I would wake in the middle of the night with ruminating thoughts that I couldn’t turn off. It was like a constant reel playing in my head feeding me negative thoughts about myself. I was stuck in a really low place.

The explant surgery brought to the surface thoughts and emotions that I had tried to bury in the past. I found myself overly focused on my appearance and entangled in a web of self-deprecating language.

I felt anxious, fearful, deep depression and despair. The fact that removing the implants didn’t address the emotional part of the breast implant illness left me feeling hopeless.

Over the years, I had tried talk therapy, a variety of medications, and at least 6 sessions of EMDR. I was tired of going over the same events and not getting anywhere. It was like reliving it again and again with no benefit.

At one really low point, I reached out to Heidi and shared how overwhelmed, anxious and depressed I was. That same day, we did a Rapid Resolution Therapy session. I was so entranced in the stories she was telling me, I didn’t notice anything happening. Then, I literally sensed a feeling of being freed from the toxic emotional weight I had been carrying.

All of a sudden, I realized the reel that had been so loud in my head for years was simply gone! It just wasn’t there anymore. I didn’t feel that negative feeling about myself anymore.

It’s been two months since my RRT session and I’m full of HOPE. I’ve had absolutely no feelings of depression since. I’m off all those medications and I’m feeling great! I see the possibility of a future again. I notice I even stand up straight now because I’m not walking in shame.

I went from meek to self-assured. I’m able to speak up and share my thoughts. I’m no longer lonely and connection comes more naturally. Rather than constantly doubting myself, I am more trusting in my own intuition. I feel so much more powerful. I have exceeded my expectations for what is possible for me in my recovery!

Today, there’s no doubt…no shame. My life is forever changed and I’m full of feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

If you’ve tried other approaches and not found them to work, I highly encourage you to try an RRT session with Heidi. You won’t be disappointed.”
Kathy R. Indiana


Breast Implant Illness, Epstein-Barr, Lyme Disease

“Working with Heidi has given me hope of living a normal life again. I was still recovering from breast implant illness and had been diagnosed with Epstein-Barr Virus and Lyme disease. I’d seen a number of specialists and holistic doctors, but I wasn’t getting any better.

When I found Heidi, I was desperate and near hopeless. I thought this was my life forever. I wasn’t able to keep up with my job and was missing almost 3 days a week. It was so bad, I thought I would end up on disability.

My legs were so painful I could hardly walk. I didn’t have the energy to move and could barely hold myself upright most days. I’d always been a physically strong woman, but I found myself feeling frail.

It impacted my mental clarity as well. I was literally so sick, I could hardly think for myself.

When I started working with Heidi, we addressed my digestion and enzyme deficiencies, and my health started to turn around. In only a month after we started working together, I noticed a number of symptoms just disappeared. I haven’t had a single sinus or ear infection and my recurrent sore throats are gone. I was stunned and encouraged when I saw the side-by-side versions of the symptom surveys I did only one month apart.

Now, I definitely have hope of living a normal life again. My energy levels are so much better and I’m no longer in constant pain. I’m able to consistently attend work and clean my house — things I no longer take for granted. I was even able to pressure wash my deck and host a graduation party for my daughter!

Heidi helped me learn how to maintain my health and select foods that my body can digest. When I regulate my diet, I feel fine.

I’ve never worked with someone like Heidi. She makes herself available when I need her and it is clear that she truly cares. She has helped me both mentally and physically and I recommend her to people all the time.

Heidi has been a sheer blessings and a life saver. I’m so grateful she gave me back hope.”
Heather M. Indiana


Generational Patterns

“Transformation!! Heidi has brought my ENTIRE family (and many friends) so much healing both emotionally and physically. So many members of all ages in our family have found healing from a whole host of emotional issues, so much so that from the moment we step out of her office we feel completely transformed and the people around us notice it immediately also! Healing from generational bondages, fear, anger, out of control children, guilt, shame, depression and so much more! We have never found someone before who can meet our emotional healing needs like Heidi has been gifted to do! Her willingness to be a vessel of healing transformation has literally changed our family relationships, our relationships with God, our businesses, how our children are growing up and understanding the world. You will not go wrong spending time with her!!”
Erica T. Indiana


Anxiety and Insecurity

“The space I found myself in was shrinking by the day, making it impossible to breathe, to move, to grow. I was trapped and had no solution for the anxiety and insecurity I was feeling. This had begun to affect me on a professional level, to the point of seeking out chemical medication for anxiety and stress.

And then I spent a morning with Heidi.

The rest of the story is almost impossible to describe in words.

The plan was to revisit regarding enzymes, but due a “sense”, Heidi suggested an emotional release session and that was the beginning of a life changing path.

Little did I know that my deep rooted fears and insecurity stemmed from a very emotional experience 30 years prior. Little did I know that those events from so long ago, long forgotten (or so I thought), were negatively impacting my life today.

I remain in awe of the transformation that happened during my time with Heidi. Immediately I felt a sense of peace and serenity, a feeling of lightness, and well-being like no other, and I have maintained that feeling every since.

“How did you know?” “How did you do that?” – those were my questions to Heidi, repeatedly. She just KNEW, identified the timeframe of the emotional experience right away, and we proceeded with releasing those emotions that had been holding me back ever since.

The process was simple – I knew I needed to make changes in my life, I was open to solutions, and Heidi took it from there. LIFE CHANGING.

I would recommend an emotional release session to anyone who may be carrying old “stuff” around. You may not even realize that previous experiences are affecting you today. Then be open and trust the experience. I did. And I will be ever grateful.

Now I look forward to each day, and express gratitude any chance I get – for the day, people in my life, and even the challenges – these are now opportunities to learn, instead of reasons to feel insecure and fearful.”
Debbie W. — Arizona


Anxiety and Vertigo

I’d been suffering from severe vertigo symptoms for over 3 weeks when my sister pleaded with me to please call Heidi and request a phone session. Doing an in person session wasn’t possible because I was lying in bed wearing sunglasses and couldn’t function enough to show up for an appointment.

After hearing my situation, Heidi fit me in for a phone session that evening. The emotions and time period that surfaced were from when I was so young that I didn’t have a conscious memory of them. However, I’ve heard the story from my parents many times, so I was able to explain the subconscious memory that was clearly still intact. Interestingly, when Heidi asked me if there was anything happening in my life 3 weeks ago that fit the same pattern from my infancy, there was! I had no idea this was a pattern, nor did I realize that something from my earliest days could still be impacting the way I experience the world as an adult.

By the end of the session, I had such relief that I invited Heidi to breakfast. In fact, I even drove us to breakfast, something I had not been able to do in weeks. Most impressively, I just reflected on the fact that is has been almost two years since that session and, thankfully, I’ve never had another bout of severe vertigo.

A few weeks ago, I woke up experiencing an intense onset of anxiety. I texted Heidi and went straight over to see her. On my way, I was doubting that it would make a difference. However, after listening to me explain what I was experiencing and the thoughts that were going through my mind, she shared with me the impressions she was receiving. It was the first time I’d acknowledged them out loud.

Heidi then walked me through some tapping statements, so I’d be able to help myself in the middle of the night or when I couldn’t reach her. I started feeling better just from the tapping session. However, the real breakthrough happened during the full emotional release session.

When I left Heidi’s, I felt like a different person. I was calm, centered, focused and motivated to tackle my to-do list for the day. In fact, I went straight home and plowed through the task that just that morning felt completely overwhelming to me.

Getting to the underlying root cause — the mind-body connection — is the only thing that has provided instant and lasting relief from vertigo — a health issue that had plagued me for years. It is also the only thing that has created such a rapid shift out of an anxious spiral. While initially skeptical, I am now a firm believer in holistic approaches to wellness and I’m a walking example of how trapped emotions and unhealthy beliefs can impact our physical and mental health.”
Libby H. — Indiana


Trauma Recovery

“I sought out Heidi upon a dear friend’s recommendation who swore that Heidi’s healing techniques and insight literally changed the trajectory of her life. I witnessed, first hand, the healing and peace of mind my friend experienced after working with Heidi.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but approached our healing session with an open heart and open mind. I booked a session with Heidi and before we met she consulted with me and offered breathing techniques for calming my spirit, body and mind.

Upon meeting her, I felt a calm come over me. She projects an aura of peace, kindness and healing. She was intent on helping identify and heal past traumas and emotional blocks. Heidi was spot on in identifying the specific time frames and types of trauma my body had internalized throughout the years.

She energetically released these blocks so that I could move past the trauma of physical, sexual, spiritual and psychological abuse I had suffered and internalized. Many of these abuses were unspoken and I had held onto them for years without sharing my experiences. She was even able to identify that I suffered a chronic issue because of blocks along one of my meridians. Her techniques marry the use of science, spirituality and holistic healing modalities. I can’t really “explain” how it worked all I can do is offer testimony that it worked.

I felt lighter. Free. And walked away with a sense of calm and hope that I hadn’t felt in a very, very long time. After our session, Heidi continue to check in on me and provide additional resources to compliment our session. She went above and beyond to ensure I continued working on my well being and I am grateful to have her in my life.

I HIGHLY recommend Heidi’s services. Not only is she a gifted healer, she is a genuinely kind, warm and inspiring person who genuinely uses her talents to heal and help others. I look forward to working with Heidi again in the future.  I am so grateful to her and genuinely believe her purpose on this earth is to heal those she works with.”
Jessica B. — Indiana


Relief from Immobilized Thumb

“Three years ago, I had an experience that stretched my thinking and changed my life. For over a year, my thumb — even after two hand surgeries and therapy — had been literally STUCK. My right hand would not close without my thumb sticking up and out. After just ONE session with Heidi, my hand finally closed to make a proper fist! This alone was a miracle…but the other truly amazing part was my thumb was not my reason for contacting Heidi. It healing was a side effect.

Our session began with my desire to fix a long-standing issue with my extended family. What quickly unfolded was most powerful. Heidi easily connected the dots of my childhood to my present life. An experience I had as a child had grown deep roots and was affecting how I reacted to and internalized relationships and had impaired my hand from healing correctly.

We uncovered that the anger, resentment and abandonment from 40 years ago was influencing my ability to confront others and speak up right away. Unconsciously, it felt unsafe for me to express my feelings truthfully in the moment. I had been carrying this burden around for decades! This weight became too much for me and fully manifested itself in my right hand. My inability to let go of control, forgive, and love myself had clutched my heart, as well as my hand. 

Heidi helped me let go and regain control of my life, my thumb and my long-term health. Heidi’s kind and skilled approach is golden. Upon completing our session, I felt light, free and happy. Emotional release does work and the results last. It’s been over three years and my thumb has retained the healing. In fact, as I’ve done additional energy work, I’ve seen even greater recovery in not only my thumb, but a number of areas of my life.”
Michelle — Pennsylvania


Treatment-Resistant Heartburn

“It has now been over two years since I did my emotional release session with Heidi and I am still free of heartburn and have remained off all heartburn medications. Getting to the root cause — the trapped emotions and destructive beliefs — was the only thing that provided lasting results.

Words cannot express my gratitude for introducing me to emotional release work. After suffering two severe back injuries, I struggled with severe reflux for three years. I finally took the big step of having a Nissan procedure — a surgery where my stomach was wrapped around the esophagus to improve valve functioning — in hopes of structurally fixing my problem. Unfortunately, one year post surgery, I had no relief. I was still suffering from symptoms, taking heartburn medication 3-4 times a day and waking up with acid covering my teeth.

I am also a long time sufferer of anxiety which was made worse by many of my daily life and work stressors. Through just one emotional release session with Heidi, I found relief from symptoms AND was able to stop all my medicines for the first time in three years!!! Truly a divine miracle.

Thank you for showing me this path. What a huge blessing this has been for our family.”
Melissa H. Indiana


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Depression

“When my girlfriend first suggested working with Heidi, I was very skeptical. After serving 20 plus years in the military and being deployed, my trust and disbelief factors were very heighten. It took many years and support from someone I trusted to finally admit that I had PTSD. I entered myself into counseling and began treatment. After years counseling, I finally thought I was making head way. Until one day I had a change in my life. I lost my best friend and shortly after my job. Months had gone by and I totally removed myself from the world and began falling into a deep depression.

Out of the blue one day, I received a voicemail from a person whose voice I didn’t recognize. It was Heidi. I immediately broke down in tears. I rang Heidi and she thanked me kindly for returning her call. Heidi also mentioned I had weighed heavily on her mind over the past few days.

I was amazed at the gifts and energy I was able to receive from Heidi long distance. The tools she gave … I will forever use them the rest of my life. Positive energy brings positive things to our lives in the form of a gift. For those interested in something different, I encourage you to open your mind, body, heart and soul to holistic medicine. It will change your life.

Thank you, Heidi, for all your support. What you do is truly remarkable.”
Paul P.Rhode Island


Addiction, Anxiety and Depression

“I spent years in and out of counseling and therapy for numerous issues ranging from anger and addiction to feelings of being lost and hopeless. Even though I had attained success in my two different careers, I was still very unhappy and unsatisfied. Over the years, I was prescribed numerous medicines for anxiety and depression which would work initially, but none lasted for long and the side effects were becoming intolerable.

When I met Heidi, I was at a very low point and had pretty much given up hope that my life would be any different much less any better. I couldn’t understand how people who I saw each day seemed to be so happy about life. I met Heidi through a mutual friend and I knew after the first session that something was much different in her approach. Heidi was immediately able to connect things from my past and coach me through issues in the present almost effortlessly. So much so that after the first session I was left wondering more about the ‘how did she know’ certain things about me and my past than I was anything else.

Keep in mind all of this was done over the phone, many states away and she and I have never met before! Since I have begun working with Heidi I have been able to gain a much better understanding of where my anger and depression issues stem from and with her help, I have found considerable relief. Dealing with these has allowed me to also work through and understand my core issues with addiction. I am so incredibly thankful for Heidi and her amazing skill of helping people. If you are like me and have tried other avenues for help, but have not gotten the results you were seeking, please give Heidi the opportunity to help you!
Bryan — Texas


Rapid Relief in a Variety of Ways

“Efficient, Impactful, and Enlightening.  One session with Heidi far exceeds the impact from several great self-help books or other things I’ve tried. I became a new person, revived, and years wiser in just one session with her.   

She has invaluable insight and can help with anything, and I mean ANYTHING (e.g., pain, irrational fear of bees, miscarriage support, stress, etc.).  However, when she started talking to me about this “energy” stuff, it was all new to me and I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with it. I am someone with an analytical mindset so I did several hours of quantum physics research to scientifically understand how Heidi could actually help me.  After I did a session, I then stopped caring about the mechanics and basked in the fact that it’s divinely inspired with an amazing outcome.

I then became addicted to how quickly I could get results. When other things came up, she was my best go-to resource. I had more sessions with her and began referring friends to Heidi for sessions. 2014 was the biggest year of personal growth I ever had and I owe it to her support. In those sessions, she gave me the tools I need for life! I can’t thank her enough for the beautiful gift that she has!”
Lindsay K. — Mauritius 


Lupus and Autoimmune Symptoms

“I suffer from an auto immune disease called lupus. I had met Heidi in hot yoga and knew instantly I felt a connection to her. She was able to have an insight I couldn’t even begin to explain to people. My session with her after that was even better and released so much emotional turmoil of my past and present. I still suffer with lupus symptoms but there has been a remarkable improvement since our session. I am forever grateful for Heidi . She showed me how to release my own inner struggles to make me a stronger woman today!”
Stacie D. — Indiana


Anxiety and Depression

“I was referred to Heidi through a friend and fellow yogi, she didn’t tell me much other than- I think you could benefit from meeting with Heidi. As a healthcare professional, yoga teacher and mother I am dedicated to living a healthy and balanced life. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember, I have tried medications, exercise and talk therapy- things that helped but still left me feeling empty and at times unwell.

One day on a whim I phoned Heidi, we spoke at length during that first conversation but all I can remember is how calm and good I felt after our initial call. My first visit to her was life changing. Heidi was able to make me comfortable with her process, she clearly explained what we would be doing and answered any questions I had. I trusted my friend so I trusted Heidi and her process. I can say I have never done anything like this but when I walked out of her office on that day I left behind things that no longer served me (pain, anger, fear and anxiety) and left filling full of love and light. I uncovered a lot about myself I didn’t know during our session and Heidi followed up with me that evening and several times after that via phone and text. When I felt some anxiety for the first time, days after our session, I felt comfortable to contact Heidi who was there to guide me through. Heidi helped me to heal, which in turn has helped my family and friends. I cannot emphasize the fact that you have nothing to lose by seeing Heidi, and everything to gain.”
Allison S. Indiana


Fibromyalgia and Sadness

“Going into my first ever experience with energy work, I was riddled with nervousness and anxiety.

The moment I walked into Heidi’s office, I felt genuine love and all that nervous energy washed away. When I arrived, I was plagued with sadness and struggled to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was experiencing constant pain—the source of which doctors couldn’t identify and traditional medicine couldn’t resolve, leaving me with the frustrating diagnosis of fibromyalgia.In addition, I was self-sabotaging and found it difficult to follow through with anything.

At the start of the session, Heidi identified an interference energy that was the root cause of my pain. Immediately after she cleared it, the physical pain from which I had been suffering for years was resolved and my range of motion returned. I was stunned.

Without any knowledge of my life, Heidi pinpointed the events that had the most profound negative effects on my life. She identified the ages, the emotions and the other parties involved. She helped me quickly release these trapped emotions, some of which I had been carrying most of my life. In a single session, we were able to identify and remove some of the darkest experiences and emotions from my soul—things that were weighing me down and leaving me stuck. While I’ve done talk therapy in the past, I’ve never experienced anything as effective as energy work for quickly finding and resolving the source of the physical and emotional issues I’ve faced.

I left Heidi’s office a changed person. I walk differently. I have confidence where I had doubt. I have joy where I had sorrow. I have relief where I had pain. I am so grateful and fully believe God is working miracles through Heidi. I recommend her work to anyone that sees no results from other forms of treatment. She was placed on earth by God with an incredible gift meant to help change lives. Thank you, Heidi, you’re a beautiful person!”
Blake Z. — Indiana


Relief from Painful Physical Symptoms and Increased Mood Benefits the Family

“I am only one week out from my emotional release session with Heidi. It’s been profound to say the least. In the months and weeks leading up to my session, I was sleeping 13 hours a day, had zero energy, was struggling with chronic pain from a fibromyalgia diagnoses, fighting with my husband, digestive problems I’d chalked up to a Crohn’s disease diagnoses, and sinking into a deep depression with the words “hate” and “stupid” far too loud in my mind.

The difference was immediate for me. I noticed an increase in energy without even thinking about my next source of caffeine (to the point where I woke up at 4 am with a headache because I hadn’t had any caffeine the previous day). In only a week, I’ve been able to cut my pain medication dosages in HALF. I feel the occassional pain I’m still experiencing is from the physical addiction and the result of weening myself off of the drug.

HAPPINESS…a general sense of happiness that had been completely lost. A better awareness of my own truths that prevent me from engaging in escalatory arguments with my husband. A greater ability to recognize positive and negative energy, then act accordingly. Better skills to allow negative energy to pass through me instead of being stored within me. A shockingly increased sensitivity to toxic chemicals in foods and drinks (I tried to eat one of my former favorite junk items and all I could taste was rancid oil!). Eating healthy clean food has honestly never been easier! In the months leading up to the session, my stomach was not right. I couldn’t eat much, felt things weren’t digesting, and really…was craving junk. I never actually felt hungry, so I wasn’t eating much. I feel hungry and can eat regular meals now. Clean water has taken on a new form of deliciousness…as weird as that sounds!

There have been SO MANY positive results…a new awareness of myself and the power of my intuition and ability to manifest my reality. A deeper more relaxed connection with my daughter. After releasing my own blocked emotions, she showed signs of benefiting as well. In the days after my session, she begin waking herself up in the night to use the bathroom instead of yelling for me or wetting the bed (She even slept completely through once this week). She hasn’t had an accident since, and it had started happening every day in the couple of weeks leading up to my session. It’s truly fascinating. My husband voices disbelief in “energy” work, but he has noted an obvious shift, too, for which he is glad. Our whole family has been sleeping better and waking up more refreshed.

Personally, when I think about working with Heidi, one things stands out to me the most. Her absolute lack of judgement. I’m a highly empathetic and intuitive person, and not once did I ever feel judgement coming from her. I truly feel the trajectory of my life has been changed because of this emotional release work.”
Kami N. — Indiana


Painful Bunions

Going from considering bunion surgery to being completely pain free in a matter of days is still hard to believe. Prior to having Quantum Touch performed, I suffered from large, painful bunions on both feet. If I was on my feet for more than a couple hours, it felt like my bones were literally spreading apart. I had a hard time finding shoes that fit and even found that slippers causes me discomfort. Due to the intense pain caused by the bunions, it was difficult to be active.

Remarkably, after just two Quantum Touch sessions my pain was completely gone. When I received a follow up call from Heidi two months later, I realized that I never think about my feet anymore because I feel absolutely no pain or discomfort from my bunions. Even more surprising, I am free from bunion pain even though I started a job that requires me to stand for hours at a time.

During the session itself, I felt a tingling sensation in the area around the bunions. The next morning, I noticed they were 25% smaller than the day before. After the follow up session on the following day, I experienced full elimination of pain and discomfort and the size of the bunions had diminished by around 60%. I no longer have trouble finding shoes that fit and can even comfortably wear flat slippers around the house.

I highly recommend using Quantum Touch for the resolution of pain and discomfort associated with bunions. It was quick, economical, required no recovery time and introduced none of the risks associated with surgery. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Valarie — Indiana


Symptom Relief from Cleaner Living

“Heidi’s Improving Health Through Toxin Reduction presentation LITERALLY changed my life. For the past three years, I had felt generally crappy. I was consistently having my thyroid medications increased/changed with each recheck visit, which were needed every 3 months due to my constant symptoms. I had not had a regular monthly cycle in over two years and I was suffering from chronic constipation, which had never been an issue for the previous 35 yeas of my life. Some other unpleasant symptoms that became part of my life were sore/achy joints, extreme dry patches of skin on my eye lids, retaining water, weight gain, feeling anxious, dry hair…the list goes on and on.

I had no idea there could possibly be a link between these symptoms and the personal care and cleaning products I was using, and I was using A LOT of them! I attended an online presentation Heidi delivered and participated in the Facebook group leading up to it. Following her posts in advance of the group, I came to the realization that I was exposed to an obscene number of endocrine disruptors. I was completely oblivious to these chemicals because I didn’t understand their names and had no idea what they were doing to my body.

After my wake up call, I made a clean sweep. At Heidi’s suggestion, I returned some of my current products and donated others. Once I switched to all non-toxic personal care and cleaning products, I noticed measurable changes right away. Within two weeks, I called Heidi to share some exciting news: I started my cycle after two years (of what was so minimal/inconsistent that it could barely be called a cycle) and my chronic constipation was completely gone. In fact all of the symptoms I was having intermittently are either gone or greatly reduced.

At my doctor’s appointment two months later, I was overjoyed to learn that I was having my thyroid medication REDUCED, not increased. When I told my doctor about my toxin cleanse, he said something like “the toxins must have been preventing your meds from being absorbed.” I was so upset that he knew that was possible, but didn’t educate me about the risks, even though I asked him at every visit if there was anything else besides medicine I could be doing to help with my symptoms. I have since found a new doctor that suggested a liver detox in conjunction with the work I was doing with Heidi.

It has been 7 months since I went toxin free. My thyroid symptoms are now negligible, which still seems a miracle to me. I feel better than I have in years. I am so happy with the changes I’ve made and have begun spreading the word to my friends and family.”
Christy M. — Arizona


Feeling Weighed Down

“For more than a decade, I was stuck — in old patterns of thinking and unproductive habits. I felt weighed down by everything inside and out, from deep-seated hurts and resentments to the cluttered spaces in my home. Nothing worked — not self-help books, not even years of counseling.

Heidi broke through all of that. Very quickly, we identified the root causes of what was holding me back in virtually every area of my life. Shining a light on those dark places was the first step toward healing and moving forward. I suddenly felt free . . . ready to leave the past behind and embrace new possibilities. After years of inertia, I am transforming both my inner life and my external environment bit by exhilarating bit.”
Vicki — Indiana



The turning point in my fertility journey came when I had my eyes opened to the presence and impact of toxic chemicals in my home. After more than 2 years of trying to conceive, we formally entered fertility treatment. After we progressed to IVF, I was disappointed to learn that only 1 egg from our initial round was eligible for transfer. When it wasn’t successful, the doctors suggested I begin to purse donor eggs due to the poor quality of my own eggs. I was nothing short of devastated.

Then I met Heidi and she began to educate me about endocrine disruptors and the impact they have on my endocrine system. I took her workshop and immediately changed to all nontoxic personal care and cleaning products.

A few months later on my second round of IVF, we had 20 mature eggs and 6 made it to the final stages of development. The quality of most of the eggs were great. My doctors were stunned and had no explanation for the turn around in the quality of my eggs. I was excited to update Heidi on the results.

I’m now grateful to be 23 weeks pregnant with my first child. I attribute my ability to conceive a healthy, viable baby to going nontoxic and allowing my body to better regulate itself. I’m very grateful that I was able to learn about the role of toxins before I conceived. It allowed me to conceive and dramatically reduce the exposure my baby would have otherwise received while in utero. I strongly encourage all women planning to start a family to learn the science behind these chemicals as soon as possible. This knowledge literally changed the course of my fertility journey.

Thank you, thank you Heidi!”
Ellen M. — Indiana



“For two years I had been on a journey to become pregnant. The first doctor I visited told me that my hormone levels were so low that I was perimenopausal (at age 33). I began to learn as much as I could about nutrition and the mind/body connection. I improved my diet and noticed my energy and hormone levels improving. However, after two years I was still struggling with infertility. Throughout this process, I was also aware that I held deep-seated childhood beliefs that it would be difficult for me to become pregnant.

In a single emotional release session with Heidi, she was able to uncover that emotional component and we cleared those beliefs. Shortly after working with Heidi, I found out that I was pregnant! I believe that Heidi’s emotional work was the last piece of the puzzle that allowed me to let go—and make room for the miracle of a baby.  Thank you, Heidi.”
Eve — Wisconsin


Letting Go of Long-Held Feelings

“Before our first session, it was hard for me to believe that Heidi would be able to help me feel better without being physically present, never having met her in person and not knowing her very well. I was floored. Our session unearthed some long-held feelings that weren’t just hurting me; they were affecting one of my children. As Heidi shared the timing of the events and emotions that were surfacing, I knew right away the situation that was at the heart of it. Importantly, I knew that I had never discussed that time in my life with her.

Since that session, I’ve noticed subtle but important shifts in this child’s happiness. And our connection is deeper. All this happened with the pinpoint accuracy of a surgeon and the feeling of having a guardian angel. Working with Heidi is a blessing.”
Lisa — New York


Ringing in the Ears and Headaches

“Before working with Heidi, I suffered with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction on a daily basis for more than three years. The condition not only affected my hearing and at times my speech, it also caused daily headaches. After my first emotional release session with Heidi, I noticed a difference. What had been a daily occurrence was now a few times a week. After follow-up sessions, I am now happy to report that I rarely have issues. Occasionally my issue will seem like it’s trying to flare up, but it quickly goes away.

Over the years I saw an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor as well as a dentist that specializes in jaw related issues; however, I found more relief with emotional release than anything else. It is so nice not to have to deal with these symptoms on a daily basis anymore!”
Jayne A. — Indiana


Spiraling Out of Control

“For the majority of my life, I lived feeling inadequate and unsatisfied with myself. Recently, I got to a point where I felt like my life was spiraling out of my own control. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t find success or contentment. I was driving myself crazy.

From our first meeting, Heidi made me feel at ease and comfortable discussing all the things that have been causing me trouble my whole life. She very quickly identified several root causes that were responsible for my lacking self-esteem and having the ability to be happy and successful. After determining and addressing the issues, she was instrumental in helping me rid myself of the numerous so-called “weights” that have been holding me down. I literally feel lighter and see things in a more positive view. I feel better, both mentally and physically, than I have in years. I find I can deal with hardships and difficulties easier without letting them consume me. I can’t thank Heidi enough. Her talents and insight have helped me to confidently take control of my life. I realize I have so much potential now that I am on the right track.”
Ryan — Indiana