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steps_watermark Your imbalance or blockage might stem from a structural, emotional or nutritional root — or some combination with one leading to the other. Rather than continuing to simply treat the symptoms, by resolving the root cause you can achieve sustainable wellness.

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Not sure where to start? We’ll have more clarity after we chat. New clients may want to start with a Complimentary Exploration Call. If it’s meant for us to work together, you’ll feel it. If not, maybe we’ll end up being friends.

Want to Attend a Workshop to expand your knowledge? I’m a life-long learner with a passion for sharing my knowledge to empower others. I offer workshops on a range of wellness topics such as energy and self-help tools, flower essences, improving your health through toxin reduction and more.

“I LOVED THE CLASS. This is not my first time joining one of Heidi’s classes and every time I leave feeling powerful and excited about all the things I’ve learned.” — Maria

Let the transformation begin.

Personalized 1:1 Insight Sessions can be purchased individually or in a prepaid package.

Initial Client Emotional Release Sessions: We allow time to discuss your goals and explain exactly what will happen. This time is dedicated to YOU and your wellness, so relax and settle in. It’s going to be transformative. ($225 for up to 1.5 hours)

Emotional Release Sessions for Existing Clients: Each emotional release session will be unique because you are in a different place each time we meet. One constant though is our unwavering focus on you and how you can love yourself more. The body holds all the answers. We just have to ask the right questions. ($150 per hour)

Health Coaching Session: Learn to tune into your body and identify what might be missing or need to be changed in your diet and lifestyle to achieve wellness. We’ll make it realistic, fun and free of judgment. Better health is just a phone call away. ($150 per hour)

15-Minute Phone Consultation: Have a few quick questions you want to talk through? Need an objective opinion on a matter? Have follow up questions from a class you attended? Scheduling a phone consultation will get you the insights you need. ($30 for 15 minutes)

For best results, purchase a prepaid package of sessions. While many of the testimonials you read highlight immediate shifts after the first session, many times slow and steady wins the race. It can take a few sessions for some people to begin to really feel the effects of energy clearing or to feel safe in addressing the deeper wounds in their lives. Typically, everyone will see results in 3 to 5 sessions.

Let’s Get Shifting Bundle: Invest in a package of 4 Emotional Release sessions and save $48 versus paying individually for each session. Bundles are a great way of creating momentum in shifting your energy and your life. Ideally, we will conduct the first 2 to 3 sessions a week apart. By that point, you’ll begin to really notice the changes in yourself. ($552 for 4 sessions)

Both health coaching and emotional release services can be done effectively over the phone. In fact, many of the testimonials on this page are from people I’ve never met in person. Energy is everywhere and it’s a blessing that we can tap into it remotely.

In person sessions are available for individuals in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

Let’s get started! Your health and happiness is waiting.