Emotional Transformation

“What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds.” —Dr. Wayne Dyer

revelationOur holistic approach encompasses your mind, body and spirit to help you set a clear intention for your health, your happiness and your life. You will learn techniques you can apply on your own—throughout your life—to help you chart your direction and achieve your goals.

The cornerstone of Your Emotional Transformation comes through the application of emotional release  techniques. We quickly identify and release the specific life experiences that are weighing you down and keeping you stuck.

The events in our lives are stored in our implicit memory with many childhood memories stored at a level below our conscious memory. Yet those events trigger a way of thinking that plays out throughout the rest of our lives. We will identify and address the life events that are the root cause of your thought patterns so you can let go of unproductive thinking and create space for what you yearn for in life.

The subconscious mind reveals what the conscious mind conceals.

Using muscle response testing, we bypass your conscious mind, quickly and efficiently tapping into your implicit memory to get to the deepest root—the initial instance that laid the foundation for the thought pattern that is currently getting in your way.  We are typically able to surface and resolve the root causes in one session.


Client praise…

“After more than three years of suffering from ear problem that caused daily headaches, I finally found relief through EPT. Once the trigger was identified, it all made sense. Best of all, the problem has gone away.”
Jayne — Indianapolis, IN

I have had relief from symptoms AND been able to stop all my medicines for the first time in three years!!! Truly a divine miracle.”
Melissa — Indianapolis, IN