Health InSight is about helping others transform their lives and achieve their dreams. Life is a rocky road and we all experience bumps and bruises along the way. Even when we think we’ve overcome those injuries, we are sometimes surprised to learn that we are still carrying them around like excess baggage. Unknowingly, they are weighing us down and holding us back.

I am grateful to the people who inspired me and led me on my transformation journey. My dream is to help others embark on a remarkable Transformation Journey of their own.

Heidi Straub | Founder and Chief Insight Officer


Once a believer in the fallacy a calorie is a calorie, I am now an avid believer that food is information—critical information over which we have control. Our food communicates with our genes, impacts gene expression and sets the stage for our current and future states of health.

When I coupled that knowledge with an understanding of how my thought patterns and lifestyle impacted my physical well being, I saw that I had tremendous control over my health. It was empowering to learn, for example, that I didn’t have to suffer from a lifetime of migraine headaches or seasonal allergies simply because they “ran in my family.”

In the past, I couldn’t have imagined I had the power to turn these conditions around. I had accepted the widely held belief that I must play the cards I had been dealt. I wasn’t aware that I could reshuffle the deck. Now I realize I can even switch it out and begin to play with a whole new deck of cards.

My passion is to help others achieve a higher state of health, physically and emotionally. Whether that means increasing your energy level, helping your body heal itself from an ailment, or dealing more effectively with the stressors in your live, the outcome is rewarding to everyone involved.

Through Your Transformation Journey, you will adopt a new lifestyle, not just a new diet. By learning to tune in and listen to your body, you will begin to understand what works for your body and what doesn’t. This knowledge allows you to honor your body by incorporating the foods and lifestyle practices that support your health and happiness.

Choose health. Choose happiness.

About Heidi

After 13 years working at a large pharmaceutical company, Heidi took a sabbatical and embarked on her own Transformation Journey. She completed a comprehensive holistic health coach training program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), the world’s largest nutrition school where she learned to integrate mind, body, and spirit into a wellness approach. Heidi is a Board Certified Health Coach and is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is a certified practitioner in EPTworks™ and Quantum Touch and blends these practices with other training she has completed.

Heidi’s approach blends the practical elements of medicine and health with a deep knowledge of the energetic and emotional components of well being. She makes the concept of energy understandable, empowering you to keep your vibration high to improve your health and your relationships.

Heidi holds a Masters of Business Administration, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.